$100 Off Water Softener Installation

October 7, 2020

Do you need a water softener? Now, for a limited time, you can enjoy an exclusive offer of $100 off on our water softener and installation services. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss to enhance your daily routine and improve your overall health.

Transform your hard water into soft, silky water that feels amazing on your skin and hair with our premium water softener. Our advanced technology removes minerals and harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation and damage to your hair, giving you a refreshing and luxurious shower experience.

At Bob Nohavec, we take pride in serving the Lincoln community for over 40 years with our reliable and fast plumbing service. Our experienced professionals ensure the highest quality standard of workmanship, and we always prioritize our customer’s satisfaction.

Don’t wait any longer to claim your discount and enjoy the benefits of soft, silky water. Experience the difference today!

Call us today to install a water softener and get $100 off!

$100 OFF Water Softener Installed

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