Backflow Testing

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is necessary to make sure that the drinking water in your home has not been contaminated by dirty water infiltrating your water supply.  This can happen when an unexpected drop in water pressure occurs (such as freezing pipes or busted pipes).  When this happens contaminated water can enter the freshwater supply.


A backflow preventer can be installed in your home.  This is a device that restricts the water flow, allowing water to flow into your home but never in the opposite direction. 

Why You Need Testing

Backflow testing by  Bob Nohavec Plumbing

While there are devices to minimize the risk, occasionally these devices fail. So it is important to have your water tested yearly and should be made part of your home maintenance schedule. 

Bob Nohavec Plumbing can inspect and perform a test to ensure you and your family are drinking clean fresh water.

Is it time for your yearly backflow inspection? Schedule our licensed technician to inspect, repair, and install backflow protection on water services, sprinkler lines, and more.